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Let's talk about your data needs

Wherever you're at on your data transformation journey, surely you've discussed with colleagues or clients some ideas about automated, recurrent and easily accessible graphs, tables, and data analysis that would make your life easier. Well, Somascom Studios is all about helping you to design and implement the most relevant analytics tools to turn your ideas into operational applications.


Designing a data analytics platform is a complex endeavour that requires a large set of tests and back and forth until the right equilibrium between data, method, technology and costs have been found.


Implementing a toolkit tailored to your needs requires the right combinaison of tech tools and data crunching methods, including the use of Artificial Intelligence. Quality handcrafting is at play here.


Once all the wires have been connected and the data and charts are lighting up, it's time for some fancy data analysis and, yet again, we are here to help automate your analytical needs and reporting.

Joss Gillet - Founder, Somascom Studios

Joss had fun building data analytics platform for global organizations over the past 15 years and, in 2021, brought to the mobile industry, Telcolingo, a data analytics platform aimed at tackling a complex problem:

turning semantic data inputs (customer reviews) into valuable data insights that marketing professionals can action to reduce customer churn.

We hope that Telcolingo will demo extensively the type of skills we can support you with, from data mining, to data cleaning, data engineering, visualization and implementation of a sound technology backbone to disseminate the results.

We also hope that Telcolingo will inspire you some innovative ideas to build custom data solutions for your very own needs.

Past missions and endeavours

Motorola Image used to describe its market intelligence tool

Global TAM Database

Back in the very early 2000's, Joss worked at Motorola and deployed an information system designed to spread internally Market Intelligence indicators to Motorola's Sales, Strategy and Marketing experts.

GSMA logo used to describe gsma intelligence

GSMA Intelligence

Joss endeavoured to build GSMA Intelligence - the mobile industry's most scrutinized data analytics platform. From inception to critical size, this mission lasted over a decade and marked the birth of Somascom Studios.

Telcolingo logo used to describe the mobile industry's innovative analytics platform

AI-powered analytics

Telcolingo fulfills Joss' ambition to bring to market an AI-powered data analytics platform aimed at understanding the trends behind customer satisfaction, and ultimately churn. It was brought to the mobile industry in 2021.

Current mission

Hiphen logo used to describe the world's best precision agriculture firm


In 2018, Joss joined Hiphen to help develop its precision agriculture solutions and image analytics platform (Cloverfield) which combines data from satellite, drones, smartphones, robots - all AI-powered. So hold tight as it might take a little while.

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